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Financial advisors and life insurance agents are becoming more familiar with life insurance settlements, and settlement brokers are working relentlessly in soliciting these advisors through various forms of marketing. They often pitch the concept of a hand’s free and cost free appraisal for your settlement business. Although this sounds convenient, nothing is for free, so what does it really cost? Commissions in the life settlement market have been absurdly high. Brokers can get away with charging 8% of the face amount of the policy. So, if the purchase price of the contract was for 25% of the face amount of the policy, the broker's commission could very well be 32% of the purchase price! With so many life settlement brokers fighting for your business, what determines who you are working with? Some common statements we hear from professionals using a life insurance... (more)

Financial Social Media Marketing

According to AdvisorTweets, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. (FINRA) says the delay is needed to reconcile comments from their membership. As reported in DBJ Associates, the industry is taking a closer look at social media as sales literature because advisors and investors want to have a hand choosing the communications forms they prefer. "The cost of not communicating to advisors and clients through their preferred vehicles (social media) does not make a lot of long-term business sense." Mr. Johnston said recently. FINRA has no intention of addressing  the social media question directly.  In fact, the term "social media" appears nowhere in both the text of the new rule, nor Regulatory Notice 09-55, the comment notice. The notice invites interested readers to contact FINRA and weigh in on whether readers think social media used for financial marketing pur... (more)

New Web Services For Wealth Management

Albridge Solutions, the industry leader in enterprise financial data consolidation and performance reporting, announced that it now offers its broker/dealer customers integrated connectivity between Albridge and DST Vision. Vision is a leading account management Web site for financial advisors provided by DST Systems. The solution will provide financial advisors with "point of click" access from Albridge's Wealth Management reporting platform directly into DST Vision, a resource for specific client mutual fund or variable annuity account data. "Albridge Solutions recognizes the value of integrating with other solutions such as DST Vision to provide more "in-depth" information on securities," said Greg Pacholski, President and CEO of Albridge Solutions. "The key is to make this information seamless to the end user so we maximize the financial advisor's efficiency and... (more)

Investment Professionals Discuss 2007 Stock and Bond Markets and Economic and Regulatory Outlook at Winter 2007 Investment Press Briefing

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 03/30/07 -- At the Winter 2007 Investment Press Briefing held last month, investment professionals gave their projections for the stock and bond markets and the economy in 2007, and examined the regulatory issues that the investment management industry faces in the year ahead. The media conference was hosted by Millennium Media Consulting, an Arlington, Va.-based public relations and media consulting firm. A summary of the speaker presentations follows. Globetrotting for Real Estate Value "We think there are market inefficiencies outside of the U.S. where disclosure is not as frequent and less transparent," commented Robert Promisel, a principal with Adelante Capital Management LLC, an employee-owned investment firm headquartered in Oakland, Ca. which specializes in real estate securities and portfolios. "Investing in International p... (more)

Rapid Revenue Breakthrough for Scottish Companies

Abingdon, United Kingdom, 23rd July 2009 - Conduit Partners Limited, the UK's leading specialist in early stage business-building for technology-based companies, today announces that it has completed a successful one-year programme to secure rapid revenue breakthroughs for early-stage businesses in a programme co-funded by participating businesses and Scottish Enterprise, Scotland's enterprise, innovation and investment agency. As a result of its success, Conduit's "Commercial Breakthrough Service" contract has been extended by Scottish Enterprise, with the aim to put at least ten companies per year through the programme. Working in partnership with Scottish Enterprise, Conduit Partners helped a number of Scottish companies to generate additional sales revenue and build their product Marketing and Sales capabilities. The companies enrolled in the programme included ... (more)

Life after Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy on Ulitzer While filing for bankruptcy one should be aware of the financial difficulties that he would be enduring in the long run. Once bankruptcy is filed it remains on the credit report for the next 10 years and that makes him well aware of the fact that he will loose the ability to receive any type of credit, a mortgage or a bank loan. Sincere help from family friends and colleagues: After filing bankruptcy what is required the most, is full love and support from family, friends and colleagues. Only those friends who can help in times of need and are dependable should be invited with the full assurance of mental support as well. Budget expenses accordingly: Be responsible enough to plan out the expenses accordingly. A budget should be created according to the requirement, and should be followed religiously. A lot of savings is to be done to ... (more)

What FINRA Doesn’t Want You to Know About Social Media

New Media on Ulitzer Topic A at the recent Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Annual Meeting (SIFMA) was what to do about the fastest-growing communications phenomenon since the invention of the Internet: the explosion in social networking. Whenever compliance and communications come together there is sure to be a tussle and this meeting was no different. Chairman and CEO Rick Ketchum cited the current policy as “currently constructed, these sites would not permit you to easily supervise these communications. For that reason, most firms prohibit their employees from using these sites for their business.” Still, trying to hold back the social media communications tsunami is not likely to last. The cost of not communicating to advisors and clients through their preferred vehicles does not make a lot of long-term business sense. Mr. Ketchum readily a... (more)

Invest at Bargain Basement Prices!

Wealth Management on Ulitzer On February 27, 2009 I wrote these words in an article entitled "Are Things Improving?" "6) There are only two things you can buy at unusual discounts these days: A new car and stocks. These prices are beginning to attract takers. If things were as dire as CNBC said, all other stuff would be cheaper". "7) As the companies we own have reported earnings, most of them have beaten expectations. In other words, the businesses continue to perform even though the stock prices are not. What you own continues to become more valuable. Over the next 5 years, the prices of these stocks will reflect that increase in value. Patience is how we will capture it". At the time I spoke of stock prices at the end of February and beginning of March as once in a life time opportunities.  Look at this chart of Nike and what you see is that the price in late Febru... (more)

Perception and Reality: Shedding Light on Level 3 Assets

In the winter of 2007-2008, sweeping new financial reporting standards were launched - directly into the path of an unforeseen perfect storm. Known as fair value accounting, these new rules had been years in development. They were designed to unify global standards and provide greater transparency through market-based, rather than earlier cost-based, methods of valuation. But no sooner had fair value gone into effect than markets worldwide all but evaporated in the worst economic crisis in over ninety years. As asset values drifted erratically into what analysts called a "no man's land," accurate fair value reporting was put to the test. And one obscure provision was taken head on by regulators. We're talking about Level 3 Inputs as defined by Accounting Standards Codification Topic 820: Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures (ASC 820), the least understood and thorn... (more)

New Evidence Reveals That Currency Adds Real Risk For Global Investors: Criterion Investments

TORONTO, ONTARIO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 10/18/07 -- Currency swings can wipe out significant potential returns and also add needless volatility for Canadian investors, says Toronto-based Criterion Investments Limited ("Criterion"), following new analysis of data from MSCI Inc. ("MSCI"). Currency ups and downs can damage returns Over the past three years, a Canadian investor holding the MSCI World Index, a standard benchmark of global investing, without the benefit of currency hedging would have missed out on a total of 27% in returns, compared to a hedged investor holding the Index over the same period. That's a hefty price to pay for an easily-avoidable risk. To view Hedged vs. unhedged Canadian investor in MSCI World Index (The growth of $10,000 from Sep. 30, 2004 to Sep. 30, 2007), please visit the following link: It'... (more)

Kotak Securities Introduces Security Key to Safeguard Online Transactions

DALLAS and MUMBAI, India, May 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Kotak Securities Limited, the stock broking arm of the Kotak Mahindra group today announced the implementation of Entrust Identity Guard from Entrust, Inc. , for its customers. In keeping with Kotak Securities' commitment to provide optimal online security for its customer to increase the safety of online trading, the Security Key solution uses the concept of a dual password system. The security key generates a dynamic and unique six-digit password every time it is switched on. The customer has to login with his ID, password and this dynamic code to be able to transact online. It is a user-friendly product enabling risk-based authentication that allows Kotak Securities to apply an appropriate level of security and reduces the chances of fraudulent practices. According to Mr. D. Kannan, Executive Director, K... (more)